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Pokarlla became interested in the helping professions- namely Psychology and Counselling- during her first degree at the University of Queensland. Fresh out of high school, she decided to study a Bachelor of Arts so that she could explore her many and varied interests. She was (and still remains) fascinated by the human brain, mind and emotions and how they all work together. Psychology became her extended major, and she graduated in 2011.

Pokarlla gave birth to her first child just before graduating. He brought so much joy and learning to her life and she loved how her knowledge of the brain and development helped her on her parenting journey. When he was old enough to begin school, she decided to return to University. She really enjoyed listening to the stories of others, so chose to study a Masters in Counselling.

Pokarlla learned even more during her second degree, and fell in love with the way Counselling and Psychotherapy can help others and empower them to fulfil their greatest potential.

Just before graduating from her Masters Degree, Pokarlla gave birth to her second son, who was born with a Congenital Heart Defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. She learned so much from his birth, surgeries and recoveries. Soon after, Pokarlla welcomed her third son- who along with her step-son and her fiancé- completed her family.

Pokarlla's unique life allows her to have great understanding and a large capacity for compassion and empathy. Pokarlla is a geek at heart and loves books, music and creating (songs, crochet, scrapbooks and calligraphy). Her guilty pleasure is to watch the Real Housewives (shhh! Don’t tell anyone.)

Pokarlla began Mārama Counselling in 2020 as she felt more than ready to assist others in finding their inner light. Mārama is a word that originates from the Cook Islands (Pokarlla's maternal grandfather is a native of the island of Rarotonga) and describes being of or emitting light, understanding, or being enlightened.

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